Marguerite Bays

The farm where the blessed Margaret Bays lived is open to the public. In the hamlet of Pierraz, the room remained exactly in the same state as when she lived there.

Marguerite Bays (8 September 1815 - 27 June 1879) was borne in La Pierraz, in Switzerland.

A seamstress by trade she decided to remain a laywomen and celibate, living an ordinary life but serving God first. Day by day, she left herself be sanctified by the Lord as she carried out her daily tasks in a spirit of love and humility and in silence.

She worshipped Jesus in the Eucharist at mass in Siviriez Parish Church or in the quiet of her room while meditating on the Stations of the Cross and from this Marguerite drew the strength that brought her closer to her family and the world.

Already noticed by her contemporaries for her gift of wise consel and her lively presence she was called to the bedsides of the sick and dying, where she helped relive their worries. She cared for the poorest ans as an early catechist, she taught children about the Love of God, helping them to discover the Gospels during walks to Notre-Dame du Bois or during contemplation of the crib. The Lord gave her the gift of stigmata for about 15 years.

His Holiness Pope John-Paul ii beatified Marguerite Bays on the 29 October 1995.




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