Bicubic, the modern and comfortable show hall in Romont

Bicubic is a multi-rooms modular space on the South of Romont. It has been built in 2005 by the architect Jean-Luc Grobéty and represents the cultural and sportive meeting point of the district Glâne. It shelters :
- a show hall with seating for 450 people on stope
- a triple sports hall with a capacity of 1000 spectators
- a gallery on a wall of 30 meters
- 2 bars

With more than 450 seats, the Bicubic auditorium hosts throughout the year about 10 shows of the cultural season and several plays, dance performances or concerts out of season. Bicubic can indeed be rented.

Cultural season 2016-2017 :

Maxime Le Forestier en concert : 3 septembre 2016, 20h

Cie du Passage, "C'est ce soir ou jamais", théâtre : 15 octobre 2016, 20h

Famiglia Dimitri, "Dimitrigénérations", cirque : 5 novembre 2016, 20h

Lambert Wilson, "Wilson chante Montand", chanson : 18 décembre 2016, 18h

Emil Steinberger, "Emil-Encore une fois", humour : 28 janvier 2017, 20h

Fills Monkey, "Incredible drum show", musique-humour : 9 février 2017, 20h

Wisel et Rochat, "Soirée Stand Up", humour : 11 mars 2017, 20h

Ciné-théâtre Baudrac&co, "La femme du boulanger", théâtre : 1er avril 2017, 20h

Team Rocket Compagnie, "Le cabaret blanche", spectacle musical : 29 avril 2017, 20h

Cie de l'Efrangeté, "Monsieur Kipu", jeune public : 13 mai 2017, 17h




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