Tour de Billens

Number 16 of the historical tour

The dendrochronology* enabled the construction of the Billens Tower to be estimated between 1382 and 1385. Mighty machicolations* dominate the tower and the current structure dates back to the 16th century.

In 2005 the Billens Tower Association (with the support of the Rondmons Chevaliers Fondation) obtained use of the tower in exchange for its’ restoration. The work was completed in 2010. The current occupants of the tower have consolidated a collection of medieval elements.

The Rondmons Chevaliers Fondation is dedicated to preserving the medieval swiss patrimony and organises chevalier award winning ceremonies in the tower.

*Dendrochronology : scientific method used in particular to date pieces of wood by counting and analyzing the shape of the trees’ growth rings.

*Machicolations : a stone structure protruding from a wall, placed at the top of a tower and including openings allowing weapons to be fired almost vertically.




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