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Marais de Naudry

Ponds, wetlands and biodiversity

Located at 856m in the commune of Ursy, it was bought by the State of Fribourg in 2017 from the commune of Rue. It is a bas-marais of cantonal importance and includes a batrachian reproduction site. In 1945, drainage was carried out to clean up the area and increase agricultural and forestry productivity. The molinie meadow that developed was mowed until 1960 to collect litter. An alder grove is present on the wettest surface. A revitalisation project was initiated in 2009. In order to keep as much water as possible from natural sources, many trees were felled and the ditches were closed. Today, you can admire these ponds and swampy areas situated on a clayey moraine with peat that varies from 40 to 90 cm thick. These wetlands are valuable because they are becoming increasingly rare. In the last century or so, 95% of these areas have been drained in Switzerland and a large part of the biodiversity has disappeared.

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