The Chavanette waterfalls

1673 Rue

The Chavanette waterfalls, or “Chutes de Chavanette”, are located in the Glâne district, near the medieval town of Rue. They are also known as the Broye waterfalls, or “Chutes de la Broye”, in reference to the river that shapes them.

Formed by several small torrents in the Pre-Alps, the Broye River appears in Semsales and flows between the canton of Fribourg and the canton of Vaud, as it goes through Palézieux, Moudon and Payerne and then Lake Murten and the Mont-Vully before flowing into Lake Neuchâtel.

The Chavanette waterfalls are an idyllic spot for a family outing on a river during summer.

In order to go there, leave Rue in the direction of Oron/Moudon. Follow the road direction Moudon and after 400 meters, turn left on a small road and follow the signs indicating the waterfalls parking. Then, walk on a narrow path during 5 minutes.

1673 Rue

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